Some Various Short Reviews


Death at La Fenice (Commissario Brunetti #1) and Death in a Strange Country  by Donna Leon

I really like both of these mysteries. I really like the main character, and I felt the supporting characters were well done too!

The setting of Venice is unique and gave both books  a very cool feel. They were very moody books full of interesting characters and I never got bored of them.

As a plus, I never figured out who the murderer was or what their motivation was in either book until the end. That seems like it should be commonplace, but in so many mysteries it can be sometimes very easy to figure out. Which is disappointing.

But not here! I found this to be a very engaging couple of books overall and I look forward to tracking down a few more to read.

 Before the Fall by Noah Hawley

I thought this was a very interesting book that I just couldn’t get into. The premise is great and the story was pretty interesting but a lot of it just left me cold. I had to force myself to finish this book so I could get started on others I wanted to read more.

Dead Things (Eric Carter #1) by Stephen Blackmoore

Short review: This was a very fast read, one which I finished in a day, but I found it engaging and interesting. The book was filled with interesting characters and an intriguing mystery. Recommended!

Longer review: Eric Carter is what many call a necromancer, a term he hates, yet he can’t deny the facts: He sees, talks to, and interacts with dead people. He’s turned it into a pretty great career putting troublesome spirits to rest, provided he gets paid. Then his sister is brutally murdered and he is pulled back to a place he ran from 15 years ago: L.A.

He gets pulled into a plot involving angry gangsters, vengeful ghosts, hobos, and the patron saint of violent death herself, Santa Muerte. The mystery is interesting and well thought out. This is a shorter read, but a fun one! Eric Carter himself is cynical and sarcastic. He is also not some sort of superhuman, he regularly gets beat up and abused by people who get them jump on him.

while this was a quick read, it was pretty fun. I picked it up on a whim and it didn’t disappoint. I would definitely recommend this to people looking for something fast and fun to read!


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