The Hum and Shiver by Alex Bledsoe


Hey! This Blog still exists! Even though This blog is basically just for me alone, I still feel guilty when I neglect it. Truthfully, I just haven’t been reading that many new books. It has been so cold and snowy where I live that all I feel like reading are old “comfort” books.

I did however borrow this book out of the library on the advice of a friend, and I’m *so* glad I did! I feel like most everything in the book delighted me. It had a unique setting and also an interesting view of the Fae.

I really loved this book. I like books about fairies, The Fae, etc. quite a bit but I was looking for something unique, and I think I found it inside this book.

The story is pretty simple, yet it is really compelling. As the first in a series, I expected it to be sort-of clunky and full of world-building exposition, but I was happily surprised. The is world-building but it doesn’t get bogged down in minutiae which I liked a lot.

Probably technically called “Urban Fiction” this book is way more rural then urban. The Smokey Mountains of Tennessee is where this is set and it gave this book a very interesting flavor. Our main protagonist¬†is Bronwyn Hyatt, a daughter of the Tufa – a mysterious people who live in Appalachian country in Tennessee.

This is a very character focused story and if some of those characters annoy you, as they did me, you might have trouble staying engaged.

Basically, I liked it enough (and felt that the characters were compelling enough), that I will at least read the next book in the series.