Heir to the Jedi by Kevin Hearne


I love Luke Skywalker. Over time he has become one of my favorite characters in Star Wars. Yes, even over Leia and Han Solo. I just really love his unending enthusiasm and love of being a Jedi. However, he is very hit or miss in the various EU Star Wars books. It is very dependent on who is writing him. He can be wise and a calm presence in the Force, A big whiny emo crybaby, ineffectual and a pushover, or a hundred other personas. It was maddening and very eye-rollingly bad as you read the old EU books.

That is, of course, up to the fact that there were a lot of different writers and they all wanted to portray the Jedi and Luke in particular a certain way. My hope for the “new” EU is that they focus really tightly on making the characters consistent between books and writers. Only time will tell if they can maintain an iron grip over the continuity needed.

That brings me to this book. I liked it overall, I felt the plot was fine and the characters were also fine…..but just fine. This pains me in a way because I really like Kevin Hearne and love most of his writing. His Iron Druid series is pretty great with good characters and good plots. Although I’ve cooled a bit on them lately, I’m still very interested in the next book in the series.

I think my main problem with this book is that it’s plot felt very….thin. Luke Skywalker is tasked with rescuing alien cryptographer renowned for her ability to breach even the most advanced communications systems from the Empire and delivering her to her family on another world. There are some space fights and fights on several planets, Luke spends some time contemplating what being a Jedi means to him and bemoaning the death of Obiwan. He also gets a fun partner Nakari Kelen who he falls a bit for……Spoilers………..





who then dies tragically at the end of the book. Because of course she does.

I just felt there wasn’t anything really exciting in the book. Everything was perfectly fine but I found it to be mediocre and just kind of there as a book. This was the first of the new EU that I’ve read and I hope they improve from here.


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