The Undays of Aralias Lyons by K.L. Horvath


(Note: This was an early release copy given to me from Netgalley and the publishers in exchange for an honest review. There might be some changes in the final copy of the book.)

Aralias Lyons can fall back into time, He can’t go forward (not anymore) just back.

Clara Elizabeth Heartwell is an archaeologist That provides a lot of help in this adventurous tale. She is smart and full of spirit and she is not the type of girl to sit around or run when friends are in danger.

Jack is Aralias’ son. He is kidnapped by a power mad, crazy person and must be saved. He has the same gifts as his father, except he can go forward into the future.

Together with various allies Clara and Aralias must race against time to save Jack and the world!

Some of the crazy things they come up against are: iron dragons, marsiders, derailed trains, prison and an army of clockwork men.

The story itself races along at a good pace. I read most of the story in a day and didn’t really get tired of it at all.

I found all the characters interesting, with unique quirks and problems. The worst I can say is that some of the side characters aren’t very well drawn or interesting really, but that is made up for by the mains.

The setting was interesting and full of cool inventive ideas. A big plus for me was the fact that I love time travel stories. If a book (or movie or TV show) has interesting take on time travel that seems plausible and doesn’t confuse me or use it to cover up plot holes, I’m most likely going to like it.

Maybe my favorite thing about the book is, well….It’s fun! I miss reading fun adventurous stories. As you get older there is pressure to leave such things behind and read “important” books only. It’ why people look down on others for reading and enjoying YA novels, I suppose. I think that’s a load of BS. Read what you want!

Ahem, ANYWAY, I really liked this book! I found it fun, adventurous and exciting! I liked all the characters and the world it was set in was very well done.

(you can find out more about the book here: Goodreads )


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