B is for Burglar by Sue Grafton


This is an older review I wrote ages ago copied and pasted from my Goodreads account (with some minor rewriting). Posted now to make up for the fact that I am just in a reading slump! I am close to finishing several new books, but my desire to read is low. I blame the awesome weather we are having right now that is keeping me outside and with friends more. The writing here is not my best but hopefully you can overlook that fact! 🙂

I keep hoping that these books get better. I may just have to give up on them. This book wasn’t so much bad as it was pointless and boring, at least to me. I didn’t care about anyone in this book…at all. No one grabbed my attention, and the mystery was just so-so which is unforgivable in my eyes.

Kinsey (the main character) is really weird to me. I feel like we are supposed to think she is this cool,quirky, bad ass but she comes across to me pretty much the opposite. She is unnecessarily rude to people, she seems weirdly oblivious at times, and she weirdly sexualizes everyone she meets…Well, at least the men. And I mean everyone. Last book it was a bunch of guys including a 12-year-old deaf kid and in this book it includes a 16 (or 17?) year-old punk, and her geriatric landlord. It is just really off-putting. I’ll admit this may just be me, but i don’t think so.

Also bad, I guessed what was going on pretty early in the book (AGAIN). Now, if the rest of the plot is well written and engaging it doesn’t matter, but if it is slow and boring it is like pulling teeth to get through.

Seriously, I don’t know what I am missing with these books. So many people have recommended them to me and I just don’t see, so far, what all the hype is about. I don’t really like the main character all that much and the mysteries have been super un-engaging and boring with a predictable villain.

As I said in the last review, I know that these books start out written in the 80s before cell phones and other tech advances, but i don’t mind that in the book. It actually makes me smile a bit.

I am going on the the third book in the hopes that as Sue Grafton goes along she gets better. I certainly hope so.


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