Graphic Novel Round-up!

I have been in a major reading slump lately. Usually, I can read several books at once and finish at least a couple of books a week. I read fast and my lunches at work are the ideal time to get some reading in. Lately however I have felt nothing but severe ennui when thinking about the books stacked up on my bedside table. It happens to the best of us, i suppose. The more I looked at those books the more I felt bored by them. So to shake things up I decided to read some of the graphic novels I recently purchased. They are quick and easy to read and I get to look at some (hopefully) great art while enjoying the story!

When I was younger and had more disposable income I had a pull list at my local comic shop but hardships and school loans made me abandon it a few years ago. I still love comics however so I usually pick and choose a few to buy in Trade paperback form. If you don’t know this is where they collect a bunch of comics together , usually #1-15 or so, of a particular comic and sell it in a fancy paperback. This is how I get my comic fix in now and I love it!

So, what have I been reading lately? These fine books (some NSFW images follow):

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