NaNoWriMo Blog #5 – THE END

celebrating women

This is going to be a very short blog post. That said:


I finished the month with 51,113 words. I’m not going to lie, that last 1,000+ words are not good. They are in fact absolutely terrible and I will probably edit them out. BUT….I had a blast. It felt good to be creative again after a long hiatus of not producing anything. Plus, I find myself thinking of other plots that I want to write down. I learned a lot about what works for me as a writer and what i excel at. I also learned what I suck at. Which was good! I like to know where i am weak so I can try and improve.

That’s the most fulfilling thing I have taken away from the last month….I have a lot to learn. And I have a lot of growing to do as a writer. Will I ever be published? Probably not. The odds of that are very against me. However, I had a fun time and plan on continuing my work as a writer. Who knows? Maybe you’ll look at the shelf and see my name there someday!


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