NaNoWriMo Blog #4 – The Third Week (In Pictures!)



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(No but seriously, I am so tired this week that I almost gave up. I got sick in the middle and then my son did. I persevered though and am still on track to “win”. Keep writing fellow NaNoWriMo participants!)


NaNoWriMo Blog #3 – The Second Week


So, second week is in the books! How do I feel? I feel like I’m running a marathon that I never really trained for properly. I’m tired and tired of thinking about where to go next in my story. I am unsure of where to go from here. My characters have just succeeded in surviving a major fight, mostly by playing dirty and then running away. It was tough to plot out and harder to actually write down on the page (or screen i guess). I still don’t know if it reads very well, I think it might be to specific in certain sections and way too vague in others. Also, my two main characters are now totally smashed up and I need to get them to relative safety to recuperate. They have secrets to learn and a quest to go on soon, and I am going to lead them through it the best I can. However, I am going to reach the murky middle part of my story soon, and I hope I don’t get pulled into it forever like Artax in the Swamp of Sadness in The Neverending Story.

I have also discovered something about myself: I’m too wordy. Also, too ambitious. Although my mantra has been “Keep it simple” for this project, I seem to be failing at that. As I said in the last paragraph, I just got through a major fight for my characters. It is only their first fight of the story I’m telling and the “end” of the first act. I have 26,966 words written already. I wrote almost 4,000 words today alone. Do you see what I am saying about not really keeping it very simple?


This story is outlined in three separate, very general, “Acts”, and if i’m already halfway through the word count, the second “Act of my story will take up the other half, leaving me with an entire act to finish up. Now this isn’t a complaint, not really. I have friends who are doing NaNoWriMo this year who would love to have this problem. It just illustrates my inability to keep things simple.


I’m still having a blast writing this story out however. I personally like it, but then I am a bit biased! I hope anyone who reads this is also doing well in their writing, either for NaNoWriMo or just in general!



NaNoWriMo Blog #2- The First Week


So, one week is finished. How do I feel? Pretty OK actually. I have been writing around 2,000 words every day and am on track to finish this thing by the end of the month. It has been most surprising to me just how easy I am finding all of this. Granted it is only the first week so it is hardly a huge accomplishment to some. I have many friends who have done this almost every year, some finish some don’t but they always have a great time trying. And that is ultimately why I wanted to try it out. They have so much fun doing it every year, even during the hard spots, that maybe I should give it a shot.

Writing (1)

“The first draft of anything is shit” says Ernest Hemingway, or at least that is what the internet tells me (and it never lies, right?). That is what I keep telling myself. It is a tale of revenge and of a girl just coming into her magical powers….then they fight? I don’t know, I have only mapped out the beginning of the book so far. Someday soon I’l map out the rest and i will have a pretty good road map for the rest of November. They always say “write what you know” and I changed that a bit to “write what you like”. What I like is revenge stories and science-fiction with some fantasy thrown in there. So that is what I am doing.

Now, is it the most perfect novel ever written? A rival to the greats like J.R.R Tolkien and Hemingway? HA! Of course not. It is riddled with spelling errors, comma splices, and terrible grammar. The plot meanders, the characters range from 2 dimensional cardboard people to, maybe, 3 dimensional workable characters. But that is OK! This isn’t supposed to be the next great american novel. At least not just yet, without some serious work after November.


But I have 13223 words so far, the most I have ever written on anything except papers for school. Finally I am writing something for myself rather than for a grade, and I love it! So here is to a successful NaNoWriMo! For me and everyone else who is participating!