NaNoWriMo Blog #1- Keeping it Simple


One of the most difficult things I have learned in this my first shot at the Nation Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo from here on out) is the most annoying problem I have. It is one most able to totally halt any progress when attempting this project and one I have to reign in the most: Keeping it Simple.


I am working this week on a bit of planning. When I started it was just going to be some light plotting and thinking up the major characters that are going to populate this story I’m writing. Then I actually started. I basically had to slap myself on the wrist a few times and pull myself back from the brink. My major problem is that I just enjoy building worlds too much. I like thinking of every little thing from the all-encompassing: how the world functions and operates, to the more mundane: how the people who live in the town I start my story off in function.


So, I have basically printed in sharpie all over  my now trimmed down notes, “Keep It Simple!!” I’m not GRR Martin or JRR Tolkien and I shouldn’t try to be. I should try to write what I like but also keep it very simple on this my first time out of the gates.


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