The Cuckoo’s Calling By Robert Galbraith


I thought this book was really great. the basic plot is this : a distraught brother comes to an old acquaintance who happens to be a private eye in order to look into the mysterious death of his sister. the problem is that said sister has been written off as a suicide by everyone else, occurring after a fight with a boyfriend. The brother is convinced that it is murder.

The book started off slowly for me but the plot really gets moving pretty quickly. I really liked the main character Cormoran Strike (what a great name), and his secretary/assistant Robin is pretty great as well. I felt The author really let the readers see all the sides to the main characters. Cormoran is kinda pathetic really. When the story kicks off he has just broken up with a longtime girlfriend and is currently living in his detective office. He is the son of a famous rock star whom he has never met (and doesn’t really want to), and can turn morose and melancholy pretty fast. He is however a pretty great detective and the backstory of his time in the army is great and very interesting.

Robin is also pretty well rounded out. She gets a few less dimensions to her character than Cormoran but she is a side character that edges towards being more of a partner throughout the book. I hope she gets a bit more filled out in subsequent books.

The plot itself actually kept me guessing the whole way through, and I thought the mystery was wrapped up really interestingly. I get tired of mysteries that I guess right from the start, and luckily this wasn’t the case in this book. The mystery was well plotted and the web of suspects kept me guessing until the very end, which makes me very happy. I hate mysteries that I can guess right from the start.

I liked it and would definitely recommend it to friends, I am definitely looking forward to picking the second book up soon.

I would like to say,here at the end, that I do know that the author Robert Galbraith is a pseudonym for JK Rowling. I think it is really interesting she chose to use a pseudonym actually, and am glad she is sticking with it for future books. it’s a great way to separate herself from Harry Potter, and give herself some breathing (and writing) space.


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