Moon Over Soho by Ben Aaronovitch

moon over soho


In Moon Over Soho,Peter Grant seeks out a Jazz Vampire. Seriously that’s the hook, and I was intrigued immediately. I like clever mysteries and villains and there was both in this book. Just the idea that an entity was targeting Jazz musicians appealed to me. I have never read a book with that premise and I can now say that I loved it immensely 

There is all sorts of twisty curves in the book although I guessed a major on pretty much right from the jump (spoilers):

Simone set off my warning bells right from her introduction. She just seemed very shady and weirdly clueless about what was going on. I actually thought she was the “bad guy” right off the bat and was pretty happy that it was more complicated than I first thought. Peter pretty much immediately jumping into bed with her was pretty strange though. I kept saying, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING! THERE IS SOMETHING VERY SHADY GOING ON WITH HER DUMMY!” haha.

I was also happy with the continuing story of Leslie. She was terribly injured in the last book and I was happy that the author didn’t just sweep it under the rug. She is very self-conscious and unsure of her self looks-wise, but still way better at actually being a cop than Peter. I like the way her story is going.

There was another subplot that turned into a bigger deal at the end of the book, an……ethically challenged magician… let’s say. It was interesting and the fight they have worked well.

Overall an amazingly fun book and quick to read. If you like books like The Dresden Files, or Mike Carey’s Felix Castor series this is probably right up your alley!


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