Libriomancer by Jim C. Hines


The Pitch: ” There’s this new book I read and its about a librarian who fights vampires and stuff by pulling awesome stuff out of books.”


The story is about Isaac Vainio who when we meet him is working as a librarian in the upper peninsula in Michigan. Until he is attacked by vampires who know his name although he has never met them. He is saved by Lena Greenwood and dryad pulled from her book and tossed aside. They form an unlikely friendship and a slightly unbelievable romance happens. 

There are fights with vampires and rogue Libromancers, and an attempt at a romance as I said earlier. Libriomancers are what the branch of magic Isaac is proficient at is called. That is what really piqued my interest. I am always on the lookout for new and interesting magic systems in the books I read. This one is very cool, who doesn’t want to reach into a book and pull out the cool things found in there. I though that this book was very good and plot. The pacing and mystery was great and I really came to like Isaac as the story went on. I was less enamored with Lena, the dryad pulled from a book, mostly because i’m not a fan of overwhelmingly bad ass characters that seem to not have any real faults. 

That’s not to say I hated her, or that she ruined my enjoyment of the book. In fact I would probably characterize my feeling on her as “meh” or “she’s fine, I guess”. I was pretty neutral on her and their sorta romance through the entire book. I never connected with the romance in the book. It felt quick and perfunctory maybe? Whatever the reason it felt very flat and the wrap-up at the end was a weird (but interesting) way to solve the problem. I am interested in what happens going forward so I guess mission accomplished by the author!

The ending was interesting and I definitely intend to read the rest of the series, however many books that is. I’ve never before read a book by Jim Hines, but I like what I’ve seen so far. I look forward to reading the other books he has written!


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