Indexing by Seanan McGuire


This was from a recommendation from a friend whose book tastes mirror my own pretty well. This friend has led me to discover some really great books, in fact. It is always a pleasure to try out a new book I might not have picked on my own.

Seanan McGuire is an author I hadn’t heard of before I started reading this book and I’m glad I read her! This story is well written and compelling. It can feel a bit episodic, but this doesn’t detract from the overall story in my opinion.

Indexing tells the story of the fictional ATI Management Bureau whose job it is to stop Fairy Tale Narratives from imposing their, well, narrative on our world. Most of the main cast is made up of people whose own fairy tale was averted, suspended, or successfully dealt with in some way so they come work for the Bureau to stop others. A bit of insanity ensues.

I said earlier that it can feel a bit disjointed, and I think that may be the biggest issue I had with it. It was first written as an Amazon Serial which means a new chapter comes out every couple of weeks/ every month. For the most part the chapters, which each usually contain one new fairy tale case, flow together pretty well. I never had an issue following the main storyline and the cases they deal with are really interesting, I actually want more stories in the world!

I really did like this story and am happy to say I plan on checking out some more of McGuire’s other works (when I get caught up on my TBR pile!)


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