Rules of Prey by John Sandford


I got into these books through my mother. She was (and is still) a huge fan of procedural cop shows on TV and Mystery/thrillers in her literature. These were the books that she gave me that also grew into a love of a good thriller.

Lucas Davenport is a detective for the Twin Cities who is very good at catching serial killers. He is hard edged and a bit womanizing, but he knows his job very well. HE can usually think like the killer and outsmart them pretty well.

The killer in this story is known as the “Maddog” killer for his brutality ( I Think, its been a while since I read these), and he always leaves a note on his victim. These notes are his “rules” for killing:

“Never kill anyone you know. Never have a motive. Never follow a discernible pattern. Never carry a weapon after it has been used. Beware of leaving physical evidence, etc. 

I think I like these books so much because they show not only Davenport’s thoughts and method for finding the killer, but also the killers side of things. The various killers throughout these books have been pretty interesting, but also crazy (obviously since they are serial killers). It has always been a lot of fun to get inside their head for a while.

Another good thing about this book (and all the subsequent novels) is that there is also a lot of attention paid to the personal life of Lucas Davenport. HE starts out these novels as your basic lady loving cop, but throughout out the books he has a child and finds a wife who he sticks with through lots of craziness. I really like that about the books as it makes the characters into real people and not just cardboard cutouts looking for clues.

I re-read these at least once a year and never get tired of them.


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