Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver


I loved this book…by the end. When I first started reading it I thought that I wasn’t going to be able to finish it. Which would make me sad since I don’t like to keep any book unfinished. This book turned into a look at a very real and authentic look at a group of high school girls. An absolutely fantastic book.

Except for one small problem…..I HATED the main character and her friends. Absolutely hated them. I wasn’t sure if I could read a book about such repellent assholes. Which I suppose was on purpose since it really makes you root for the main character, Sam Kingston. And by the end I did root for her. She had serious issues to work through and needed to see that her behavior had real consequences for others. I really liked her by the end and actually wanted to see her come back to life. Impossible of course, but her story really got to me.

Her friends however never really recovered from my first impressions as giant assholes. Did I understand that they all had issues? Of course. That still didn’t redeem them or their actions in my eyes. I will say that they did obviously have a great friendship with each other, and I like to see that close-type of relationship in literature.

This turned into one of my favorite books despite my dislike of a lot of the characters. I would definitely recommend it to everyone.


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